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Countryside and bioversity

The following are our countryside and biodiversity related projects. Please get in touch with the named contacts if you would like to know more or to be involved.

Current Active Projects:

Creation of a Wildlife Area

A joint adult and youth project to create a wildlife area (Gid Lane) for resident enjoyment with ponds, wildflowers and measures to encourage a range of species.

Contact: Gill German 01420 23595

Wildlife Club

A wildlife club offering walks and talks. Depending on who comes forward to help, it could extend to include the wildlife information project, waiting in the wings.

Contact: Sue Sharman 01420 22603

Dog Poo

Raising awareness of the concerns and to find ways to ensure that everyone can walk in a dog poo free environment throughout the village and surrounding footpaths.

Contact: Jane Macnabb 01420 23195

Crop Spray Drift

Discussing resident concerns with landowners and contractors plus establishing an 'advance warning' system including information and communication of sprays to be used.

Contact: Michelle Essenson 01420 22118

Bee Encouragement

Creating an area on the recreation ground with wildflowers and plants to support bees and other pollinators.

Contact: Brenda Milam 01420 22216

Ongoing Activities

  • Footpaths and stiles
  • Litter

Contact: Jenny Gove 01420 23697

Projects "Waiting in the Wings"

The following projects are still "waiting in the wings" - are you interested in running or being involved with any of the following:

• Landowner relationships & land access.

• A wildlife information pack /web pages on walks, wildlife issues, sightings etc.

• A biodiversity guide to advise the Parish Council & residents on biodiversity matters relating to development and renovation.

• Verge adoption to look after the wildflowers.

• A greening campaign to save energy and water.

• Community Composting.

• Community allotments and/or an orchard: Sourcing the land and funding we would need.

Contact: Jayne Fisher on 01420 520280